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A regular person’s dream ride, no matter what type of car, will have high tech features just short of James Bond’s vanishing Aston Martin.  It wreaks havoc on our sense of proportion when we find a used car with an entertainment system, navigation, and all the gadgetry that we associate with the car of our dreams.  A vehicle priced too high could end up looking like a rare bargain.  If you want to buy a used car like a pro, you may want to steer clear of these new car features.

Navigation Systems. Many authorities on assigning used car values consider this as an additional asset.  The fact is that this accessory usually only works in the vehicle’s country of origin.  Some of them only require you to upload maps of your area for the system to work.  But downloading the maps to your flash drive still presents an extra cost.  So do your homework and find out the type of navigation system you are buying and if maps of your area are indeed available.

Built-in DVD Monitors. LCD screens that are built into the car are becoming quite popular.  Sometimes they are imbedded in the front row’s headrests, mounted on the space between the front row seats, or even on the dashboard panel.  You’d probably gladly pay a bit more for this gorgeous extra.  Don’t.   They easily malfunction and are quite expensive to replace.  Instead, buy a portable DVD player.  It has a bigger screen and is easier to use in and out of the car.

Satellite Radio Receivers. This high tech accessory is perfect for those who demand crystal clarity when tuning in to their favorite radio stations; provided, of course, that they are willing to pay an outrageous sum for subscription.  Companies which provide satellite radio service have their own specific receivers which can let you listen to their own specific radio stations, depending on your specific subscription.  As to which of these companies will continue to exist in the near future, I’m afraid there is nothing specific at the moment.

Removable Third-Row Seats. This ingenious feature, just like the SUV craze, is all but gone now.  Not just because people are now looking for more fuel efficient vehicles but because they realize that if you needed the space while you are away from home and you manage to survive removing the 50 pound third row furniture, there’s no place to store them.  If you are really willing to shell out some cash for an extra space, look for third row seats that fold on the floor.

Panoramic Roofs. Glass sunroofs that stretch from the back to the front of a vehicle are dangerous.  Debris can crack and break the glass during an accident and there were even cases when passengers were thrown through them.  Besides, a damaged sunroof is tough and quite expensive to fix.

Run-Flat Tires. If you are worried about running a flat tire, use the spare.  Run-flat tires will give you a harsher ride.  Although they can keep you from worrying about holes in your rubber, run-flat tires will still slowly but surely drill a hole in your pocket as they lower your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Keyless Entry. Yes, James Bond never used a key.  He never worried about replacement cost in case the remote got lost or damaged either.  And when the gadget failed, the director can always call for a second take.  Because these tiny contraptions do fail; and when they do, I hope you don’t get mistaken for a burglar when you try to jimmy the lock on your car, Agent 007!

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