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Written by Miano Kihu

ms. Wambui Namu

Customs Commissioner Ms Rose Wambui Namu

November 5, 2008: Confusion is rife in the clearing and forwarding industry following varied interpretations of a notice issued by the customs commissioner, Ms Rose Wambui Namu, ordering clearing agents to move their activities out of the port.

Some agents said the notice had banned them from the port altogether and threatened to go to court, while others said it targeted only “busy bodies’’ hence it should not affect the basic mode of operation of the agents.

Not even Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association (KIFWA) officials are united in their interpretation of the notice, thereby leaving their membership in deep confusion.

The notice, which was sent to clearing firms, says: “Following the directive given by the acting Finance minister when he visited the port, you are hereby informed that you should relocate your activities from the port with effect from October 31. Failure to comply will result to revocation of your licences. The managing director of the KPA is requested to withdraw all gate passes for companies that will breach this directive upon expiry of the deadline.”

Source: http://www.bdafrica.com

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